Year of the Metal Rabbit

Dear Qi-Friends,

Happy Spring, Chinese New Year, and Year of the Rabbit from sunny Ivy, VA! The buds of the crocus flowers pushed their way through the frozen field of our back yard lately, reminding me of the power of spring new life energy in breaking this last stage of cold winter.

According to Chinese cosmology, this Chinese New Year’s day will be February 3, 2011 and  the Rabbit Year of 2011  will start on  LiChun 立春, February 4 at 12:32.  The Chinese New Years’ day is the first new moon’s day of the first lunar month every year in Chinese calendar.  The New Year is dependent on the pattern of the moon (Yin energy of Nature), while the animal sign of the year starts on LiChun, which is the beginning of spring season.  The LiChun is dependent on the position of the sun (Yang energy of the nature). In general, the Chinese New Year’s day and the marker of the new yearly animal sign, LiChun, are on different dates every year, sometimes, even a few weeks apart. It is very special to have these two dates so close this year, which indicates that the Yin and Yang energies of the nature will work together well and we can expect this Rabbit Year will be an easier, bountiful and prosperous year for many of us.

We use Heavenly Stem and Earthly Branch XinMao辛卯 to represent this energetic Rabbit Year. The rabbit has a quiet and gentle character, and it looks cute.  Rabbits give you soft, lazy, slow, and stable feeling when they are quiet. But they are fast and agile once they start running. They are good at staying hidden and they have multiple dens. Rabbit do not have sharp teeth and they are not interested in fighting with others. Rabbit is a symbol for wisdom, skill, ambition, humanity, and secrets in Chinese tradition. Babies born this Rabbit Year will likely have an easy and steady life.

Although XinMao辛卯 indicates that this energetic Rabbit Year will have peaceful and harmonious energy impact our lives, the dampness energy which I mentioned in my previous seasonal greeting email will continue to affect many places until late March. This dampness will bring some health problems to human beings with weak digestive function. Besides the GI flu, kidney and heart diseases, and immune system problems will also affect some people in this Rabbit Year. Please continue your daily Qigong practice to keep your Qi flowing well.

I will reduce my traveling and teaching activities this year to take the advantage of balancing Rabbit Qi to further uplift my personal cultivation from the BiGu ShiQi (Avoiding Food and Eating Qi) practice and to support the small group of Qi friends on this same path. Aside from my weekly classes here in Charlottesville and some local events, I only have plans to offer a one day workshop this spring, which will be on 12 Animals and Inner Cultivation on March 13th in Portland, OR. Also, there are only two spaces left for the April XinYi (Heart Mind) Internal Martial Arts and Internal Alchemy China trip. Some other exciting news:  I will offer a new Lifelong Qigong Training Program in June on the East Coast.  We have already started taking registrations.

By the way, to celebrate my 10th year teaching in the West, I have had a small amount of organic cotton Qigong t-shirts made.  They have with my Qi-calligraphy “Dragon” talisman on left front chest pocket area and “Nourish Your Heavenly Truth” talisman on the back.  The t-shirt is available in men’s and women’s sizes S-XL, in black with white calligraphy and in white with black calligraphy. Sorry, it is not available online because it is a limited offer.  Please email me at if you are interested in purchasing a t-shirt.

I’ll have a Summer Seasonal Greeting for you in May. Until then, please check my website for frequent updates.

All my best with harmonious Qi,

Master Wu