June, 2011: Chinese Shamanic Qigong Lifelong Training Program Level 1 begins on the East coast!

For the first time in 4 years, Master Wu is opening his Chinese Shamanic Qigong Lifelong Training Program Level 1 on the east coast!

This Program is an invitation to learn how to promote peace, balance, and harmony in your life.  Teachings in Chinese Shamanic Qigong and Taiji will be given in the traditional style, and classes will be offered over the long term. Yearly meetings will provide a forum to discuss what we have each learned in our daily practice and to further our instruction from Master Zhongxian Wu.

Curriculum for Level One:

  • Chinese shamanic Qigong principles
  • Yijing (I Ching ) I – Symbolism and Numerology
  • Shamanic Three Sources Qigong
  • Five Elements Qigong
  • Internal alchemy meditation I

Please contact qimasterwu@gmail.com or visit http://www.masterwu.net for details.



Summer Greetings from Master Wu

May 9, 2011

Dear Qi-friends,

Greetings from sunny Crozet, VA! I returned from a teaching trip in China a couple of days ago. I guided a group of 25 of my students and special guest, 13 month old Mila, to TaiGu county, located in Shanxi province.  TaiGu county is known to be the Home of Martial Arts in all of China.  We trained in XinYi (Heart-Mind) internal martial arts and internal alchemy with my master Zhao Shourong, for two weeks. We had a great trip there and received a lot of attention from many Chinese media outlets, including reports from some local TV stations as well as local and national newspapers. Here is a link to the full-page newspaper article on us in one of the largest national newspapers in China, China Youth Daily:


I also added two of other links for you to review:



Of course, these are written in Chinese, but you will be able to take a look at the photos if you are not able to read Chinese.

During my time in China in April, I heard great news that my book, The 12 Chinese Animals: Create Harmony in your Daily Life through Ancient Chinese Wisdom, won the 2011 Living Now Book Awards Gold medal in the category Enlightenment/Spirituality.  It is also a Finalist in Foreword’s Book of the Year Awards. Another piece of good news is that my newest book, Chinese Shamanic Cosmic Orbit Qigong: Esoteric Talismans, Mantras, and Mudras in Healing and Inner Cultivation, will be ready for purchase by the end of the month, and we are taking pre-orders now. The price is $19.95. You will qualify for free shipping if you order by June 6, 2011. Please add a $5 shipping fee if you place your order after June 6. Also, please make a note if you would like to have an autographed copy.

According to traditional Chinese cosmology, this summer arrived on May 6, 2011.  The typical ShaoYang weather — alternating cold and hot — of the past couple months caused many natural disasters throughout the globe and weakened many peoples’ immune systems. Fortunately, this energy will shift on May 20th. The Dry and Heat energy will dominate nature in June and July, which will prove difficult for those who have weak heart and/or lung function. Keeping you daily Qigong and meditation practice is a great way to balance yourself with changes in the outer world.

After 4 years of waiting, I will finally offer a new Lifelong Qigong Training Program this June on the East Coast.  If you are interested, we are still accepting registrations.

I’ll have an Autumn Seasonal Greeting for you in August. Until then, please check my website www.masterwu.net for frequent updates.

Harmonious Qi,

Master Wu