Dragon Greetings from Master Wu

Spring begins Feb 4, 2012

Dear Qi friends,

Happy RenChen 壬辰 (Water Dragon) Year!

Although most Chinese and many other Asians celebrate the new year on the second new moon’s day after winter solstice, the astrological animal year actually starts on LiChun 立春 (Establishing Spring), which occurs each year around February 4. According to my Ten Thousand Year Chinese Calender, the Year of Water Dragon will officially begin February 4, 2012 at 18:22.

With respect to traditional Chinese cosmology, this will be the same moment that this spring season will start. My wife Karin and I are delighted for the opportunity to practice Fire Dragon Qigong with some Qi friends here in London this coming weekend when the Water Dragon arrives. I will send the Dragon’s Blessings of Great Transformation to you during our cultivation.

Regarding cosmological patterns, the Water Dragon will transform to Wind Wood and Cold Water. This suggests there will be powerful and perhaps disastrous wind and rain storms this year. The strong Wind Wood and Cold Water energies will also weaken many people’s kidney Qi, immune function and life energy.

On the other hand, Chinese Dragon is also a symbol for great transformation.  As such, the Water Dragon Year will be the best time to commit to your inner cultivation practices. Spending some time everyday with your Qigong practice and other inner cultivation techniques will help you maintain well-being and recover from  sickness or imbalance.

In Chinese, we have a saying – ShiBanGongBei 事半功倍 – which means achieve better results and exert only half of the usual effort. This year, Water Dragon Qi will make your Qigong and other spiritual cultivation practices more fruitful, thereby allowing you to reach your goals with much less effort compared with other times. I hope you will take advantage of this rare opportunity to spend more time practicing your inner arts and make a great change in your life.

After sharing some Qigong and Chinese Medicine teachings in the UK, Karin and I will spend about two weeks in the Arctic circle to cultivate with the Northern Lights in late February, when the Water Dragon will be raising its head on the horizon.

To continue to support our Qi communities, we will finish the Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong Book and DVD as soon as possible, and will offer more workshops across the world during the Water Dragon year.

Also, as requested by some Qi friends, we are considering opening a new entry level of our lifelong training program on the West Coast when we are in Oregon this May.

Please check my website (www.masterwu.net) for updates in my teaching schedule if you are interested.

With wishes for Auspicious Dragon Transformation,

Master Wu