Summer Greetings from Master Wu

ImageThe swans return to the Baltic Sea in the late spring season, signalling that the long days of summer are getting closer! I took this picture shortly before we left the Stockholm archipelago to return to the United States.

Dear Qi friends,

Greetings from Oceanside, Oregon!

I hope you all are enjoying this magic late spring season.  During the Dragon Month of the Water Dragon year, we have been experiencing quickly changing climatic patterns.

In most areas of the northern hemisphere, many friends may feel confused about what season it actually is due to this dramatic shifting — nice warm temperatures in the morning drop suddenly and bring snow in the afternoon — a few days of hot suddenly turn into freezing cold.

According to traditional Chinese cosmology, the summer season is right around the corner.  We will mark the start of the three months of summer on May 5 this year.  However, this does not mean we will experience the hot fire energy of summer any time soon.

Why?  The TaiYangHanShui 太陽寒水 (Cold Water) energy will influence this Dragon Year during the time period of May 21st – July 21st.  Also, TaiGong 太宮 (Excess Damp Earth) Qi will begin start on June 13th and last through late August.

Given this, I am assuming that we will not have a lot of sunny days this summer, at least not compared with the summers of the past 20 or 30 years.

This will be especially true in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

The Cold Water and Damp Earth Qi will prove difficult for those who have weak digestive function, kidney deficiency, or heart problems.

As always, maintaining your daily Qigong practice and strengthening your Yang Qi will help you maintain a healthy state through the seasonal challenges.

To continue supporting our Qi friends in their cultivation of ChunYangZhiQi 純陽之炁 (Pure Yang Energy), I will offer several workshops on the Oregon Coast and in Portland this May.

For the majority of the summer, my wife Karin and I will focus on writing our new book about GanZhi 干支 (Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches).

We will take a late summer break to the Pacific Northwest in July, where I will be teaching at both the NQA conference in Vancouver, Washington and a weekend workshop in Portland, Oregon.

We will also travel to New York in August, where I will be teaching a workshop in Brooklyn.

If you are interested, the details of my teaching schedule can always be found on my website:

Also, some exciting news – our new Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong book and DVD will be ready for purchase in August! I will include further details in my Autumn Greetings.

Harmonious Qi from Karin and I,

Master Wu