2013 Autumn Greetings from Master Wu

smultronDear Qi friends,

Greetings from the cool and placid Baltic Sea! I am sending this northern Qi to those of you experiencing the late summer heat wave and hope it will bring you some welcomed relief. Although it may still feel like summer, the wild strawberry leaves are already turning red and birch leaves golden, reminding me that autumn is coming.

Autumn Season begins tomorrow, August 7

According to Chinese cosmology, August 7th will mark the beginning of fall. This does not mean everywhere will cool down instantly starting tomorrow! Actually, the heat wave will carry through until late August when the rainstorms will start to visit.

Protect your heart and kidneys

The natural energy pattern this autumn will display the battle between the Fire and Water, with spells of alternating hot and cold. This shifting universal energy will prove difficult for those who have weak heart or kidney function.

Time to take advantage of strong Fire/Water energy

However, it is also a great time for your Daoist internal alchemy cultivation practice.  We can take advantage of the strong climatic Fire and Water energy to fuel our inner transformation. As always, I encourage you to keep up your daily Qigong practice, especially focusing on balancing your Fire and Water in the months ahead.

Upcoming courses in the EU and USA

Karin and I will continue to share our inner cultivation practices with Qi friends in the UK, Sweden, Spain, and Germany this autumn season before we make a trip to the United States to offer training courses in the early winter.

Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches book completed (available spring 2014)!

Also, I would like to share some great news with you! Karin and I have finally finished the draft of our book, Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches (TianGan DiZhi) – the Heart of Chinese Wisdom Traditions.  In it, we have provided hard to find information on the fundamental building blocks of all Chinese wisdom traditions.  We discuss the symbolism and numerology of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, which is the basis of my seasonal cosmological forecasts, all Chinese astrology readings, traditional Chinese healing modalities, and inner cultivation practices. It will be a beautiful full color book, and you can start looking for it in the spring of 2014!

XinYi Daoist Internal Alchemy and Martial Arts – new book project and China trip

Karin and I have already started working on our new book about XinYi 心意 Daoist alchemical martial arts. We hope it will be ready to present to my XinYi master, Grandmaster Zhao in China next April for his 80th birthday celebration. We will guide a XinYi cultivation trip in April for those of you who are interested in XinYi training and participating in the big celebration!

We keep our website updated regularly.  If you are interested in any of our upcoming events, please check there (www.masterwu.net) for details.

Harmonious Red-Golden Autumn Qi from Karin and I,

Master Wu