LiQiu 立秋 – Autumn is Established

Autumnal Greetings from Master Wu

7 August 2014
Dear Qi-friends,
Greetings from hot and humid Stockholm! This afternoon’s short rainstorm made it even stuffier and stickier – typical TaiYin Damp Earth weather.

TaiYin Damp Earth

According to ancient Chinese cosmology, Tai Yin Damp Earth energy began to dominate the climate in most regions of the northern hemisphere a of couple weeks ago and is expected to last until the end of September. Even though the autumn season begins today, I do not expect we will experience too many dry, comfortable, sunny days during the coming months.

Excess Damp Earth

The excess Damp Earth will bring some health or emotional challenges to those who are prone to poor digestion, diabetes, arthritis, or lower back problems. Please continue your daily Qigong practice to strengthen your digestive and kidney function and help balance the influence of the natural energetic patterns of this autumn season.

Lucky Harvest

Staying abreast with the world news can lead to feelings of overwhelm from all the difficult situations people are faced with each day. Despite the times of hardness we must each encounter during our lives,  I hope this will be a lucky harvest season for you. I would like to share some thoughts about luck here with you.

What is Luck?

A few days ago, while walking up the stone steps from our tiny sleeping cottage in the cool early morning, this four leaf clover caught my eyes. Immediately I wondered what kind of lucky thing will be coming into my life. I have meditated with this thought over the past few days and I feel indeed that I have been very lucky and am reminded to appreciate that which I have now and that which is to come…


I was not born with wealth and nobility,
yet was lucky to be born;
I was not born with perfect health,
yet was lucky to learn how to live a healthful life;
I did not grow to be big and brawny,
yet was lucky to cultivate my inner strength;
I do not have a fancy life,
yet am lucky that I can enjoy where I am;
No matter what life brings me,
I am lucky for each breath of fresh air I have.
… I hope this four leaf clover will bring some luck into your life!

New XinYi DVDs!

After great effort, Karin and I finally finished our newest projects – XinYi WuXing and XinYi BaGua DVDs, companion study tools for our XinYi WuDao: Heart-Mind – The Dao of Martial Arts book. We have been happy to receive great feedback from many of you who feel that these DVDs help deepen your experience of Daoist internal alchemy and the art of Qi-healing.

Dai Family XinYi

The Dai Family XinYi system is not merely a practice of powerful martial arts, it is a unique method of Daoist spiritual transformation and Daoist Qigong/Neigong (internal alchemy). Many of my students have recovered from severe illness or injury through their dedicated XinYi practice. I hope this will help you will find some inspiration for your own practice!

Upcoming Events

Lifelong Training Program in begins in Europe

After almost two months of a real Swedish-style summer vacation, Karin and I are looking forward to hosting our first European Lifelong Training Program on the west coast of Sweden at end of August. The course was fully booked several months in advance and we expect to open a new level one in Europe again in August 2015.

Expanding our teaching to Denmark

We are also very excited to participate in the 4th annual Scandinavian TCM Congress in Slettestrand, Denmark this September, shortly followed by Fire Dragon Meridian Qigong workshop in Copenhagen.

Back to the US east coast

Karin and I are also looking forward to returning to the east coast of the US, and will be offering several events in New York: a three day intensive residential training covering XinYi DianXueJie (Dim Mak or pressure point techniques) and a weeklong intensive residential training (Lifelong Training level 4) in update New York, as well as a weekend workshop on Chinese Cosmic Orbit Qigong in Manhattan.

Half day workshop and weekly classes in Stockholm

In October, we will be offering a half day workshop in Cosmic Orbit Qigong, followed by  weekly classes of this same form from China’s esoteric Mt. EMei tradition. It will be great to practice with our Stockholm friends again and make connections with new Qi friends in our neighborhood.

First visit to Greece

In October, we will travel to Athens and offer a weekend training in the Hidden Immortal Lineage TaiJi Mother Form. It will be our first time ever in Greece.

Returning to Düsseldorf and Scotland

In the beginning of November, we will return to Düsseldorf, Germany for another 3 day intensive residential training in XinYi BaGua internal martial arts.

At the end of the month, we will travel to the Aberdeen, Scotland to offer an evening of ChaDao (Dao of Tea) followed by an internal cultivation weekend workshop. This will mark the first time that Cosmic Orbit Qigong has been ever been taught in Scotland.

Germany, Alaska and France in early 2015

We have been invited to teach in new cities in 2015 – Berlin, Germany and Nantes, France!  We will be returning to Anchorage, Alaska in the spring as well. For further details about our upcoming teaching schedule, please visit our website:

With wishes for a brilliant and bountiful autumn season and from Karin and I,


Master Wu