Autumnal Greetings 2015


Dear Qi friends,

Greetings from the sunny and cool Stockholm archipelago! After several weeks of long, cold and rainy summer days, everyone is now out basking in the sunshine. Even in the big capital city, it is not at all unusual to see women and men sunbathing in tiny bathing suits in city parks or even just a small patch of grass as soon as the sunlight breaks out of the thick clouds or after chilly storms.

Alternating weather patterns ahead

Actually, this alternating weather pattern of warm/hot and cool/hot will be the typical pattern weather pattern for this coming autumn. Yes, autumn is here! According to Chinese cosmology,  autumn starts today, August 8, 2015!

The effects of excess heat

These climatic variations may cause excess heat in the body, which can weaken heart and kidney function, and be difficult for those who suffer from migraine headaches. Eating fresh watermelon and peaches (in this first stage of Autumn) will help the transition and smooth out excess heat in our bodies

Monkeys and your lungs!?!

Autumn is known as the Metal season and it is a great time for you to spend more time practicing Qigong. As you know, Qigong strengthens your internal and external Qi as well as your lung function. You will be able to easily eliminate excess heat in the body if your lungs are functioning well.

The Monkey cultivation practice from my book, The 12 Chinese Animals will be a great way to strengthen your lungs!

Continued trainings offered in Europe and US

To continue support our Qi-friends’ cultivation practice, we have been expanding our teaching in Europe while maintaining our teaching schedule in the United States. We just returned from a long teaching trip in the Pacific Northwest of the U.S. and will soon be headed back to the west coast of Sweden for two lifelong training retreats.

Chinese Astrology and Shamanic Shaking in Nottingham, England

In September, I will again be offering some brief teachings on Chinese medical astrology and the Chinese shamanic shaking tradition for friends at the British Acupuncture Council.

Daoist Internal Alchemy in NYC

In October, I will be offering some intensive trainings for my senior students and will also will teach a special Daoist internal alchemy form in NYC, which will be open to the general public.

Learn more!

If you are interested in learning more, please check my website ( for details.

In support of your ZhengQi 正炁 cultivation from Karin and I,

Master Wu

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