Autumn Greetings 2017

Dear Qi friends,

Autumnal Greetings!

Autumnal greetings from the chilly Stockholm archipelago!

While many places in northern hemisphere have suffered through extreme heat waves this summer, here in Sweden we had a very cool summer.

The Harvest Season

With the cool weather and lots of sunshine, we have been enjoying our whole month of Swedish summer vacation as well as soaking up the abundant life energy around us.

We snapped this photo of a gorgeous purple fir cone on our daily walk the other day – amazing Qi abounds!

Welcome to Flatön!

We are also busy getting ready to welcome several groups of international students who will join us for sessions one and two of our JingDao Traditional Daoist Arts Program and session three of our GanZhi Advanced Daoist Arts Program.

As before, we will be hosting our students on the idyllic island of Flatön, which lies off the dramatic west coast of Sweden.

Cold and Wet – LiQiu立秋 (Establish Autumn) Begins

According to Chinese cosmology, LiQiu 立秋 (Establish Autumn) is the starting point of the autumn season, which this year falls on August 7th.

Cosmologically, the energetic patterns this year suggest that Cold Water will be a strong influence.

In those areas which have been experiencing heat waves, the crazy hot temperatures will settle down soon.  Prepare yourselves for some unusual rainstorms or cold weather during this autumn season.

Your Health and the Seasonal Changes

The weird climate changes coming may cause some trouble for your health.

Clinically, practitioners might see more people suffering from weak Qi/blood circulation, lower back pain, knee pain, and/or heart disease … and unfortunately, even sudden death.

Daily Practice is the Key to Balance

No matter the influences of the environment, continuing your daily cultivation practice is the key to maintaining your own balance.

In order to support our Qi-friends’ daily cultivation practices, I will continue to offer my teachings in the United States and Europe.

JingDao Traditional Daoist Arts Program Begins!

We are happy to announce that we will start the first session of our JingDao Traditional Daoist Arts Program in the United States this December 1-6, 2017.

All students who sign up by September 16, 2017 will automatically receive a 10% discount off session 1 tuition!

For details of this and other offerings, you are welcome to check out my teaching schedule, updated regularly on my website:

New Book – 10% Discount for All Pre-Orders PLUS Free Shipping!

My wife, Karin, happy to receive an advanced copy of her new book 🙂

 We are pleased to announce that my wife’s new book, Calculating the BaZi: The GanZhi/Chinese Astrology Workbook is now available for pre-order purchase and will be shipped out mid-September!
Along with a couple of my students, we were able to secure one of the few advanced copies of the book available while I was teaching at the National Qigong Association conference this summer.
This workbook is a great resource for those of you who are searching for a powerful healing tool to understand and improve you and your clients’ destiny.

For details, please check out the book’s website:

We are taking pre-orders now!

Email us your order by August 31st to receive a 10% discount!

All pre-orders are also eligible for free shipping (U.S. and international)!

Healing Qi,
Master Wu and Karin

Pre-order the BaZi workbook here!

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