Bright Summer Greetings 2018

Dear Qi friends,

Bright summer greetings from the still chilly Stockholm archipelago!

This year, our family escaped what turned out to be one of the coldest spring seasons in Sweden and enjoyed an unusually early spring in Portland, Oregon (United States) and hot summer weather in Zhejiang Province (China).

When we left HangZhou (the capital city of my home province) in the beginning of April, it was hot – over 30C (85F) – and we were a little surprised as we flew into Sweden to see ice still dominating not just the lake regions but also the Baltic Sea (below)!

In our area, over the last few days, the trees and shrubs are finally swollen with buds and fresh green leaves and the earliest spring flowers have just started popping out.

Nice bright, long days aside, it is almost as though Sweden skipped the whole spring season … or perhaps the spring energy is just starting, indicating that we will skip the summer season?

Summer Begins May 5 – Fire and Water Clash

According to Chinese cosmology, this summer officially begins on May 5, 2018.

As I mentioned in my previous newsletter, we will continue to expect dramatic, changeable weather this WuXu 戊戌 (Yang Earth Dog) Year. These weather fluctuations could reach their peak levels this summer, as the war between Fire and Water escalates.

Stay Balanced!

The cosmological pattern suggests that more people will suffer from heart disease, digestion disorders, and/or skin problems this summer.

Eating plums often throughout the summer will be a good idea for most of us.

As always, the best way to maintain your health and balance is to strengthen your Greatest Medicine – Jing, Qi, and Shen – through your daily cultivation practice.

Harmonious Qi,

Master Wu

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