Autumnal Greetings from Master Wu 2018

Dear Qi friends,
Strong thunder autumnal greetings from Sweden!

A welcome relief from the heat

After several months of record heat, no rain and dreadful wild fires breaking out all over the country, here in Sweden we just recently began receiving some drops of heavenly water. 

Hopefully the rain will start to replenish the dry, thirsty land. I anticipate that here in Sweden, we will see our fill of rain and thunderstorms this coming season.  

Strange summer on its way out

Although according to Chinese cosmology the autumn season officially begins August 7, 2018, it looked as though the autumn energy descended in our area several few weeks ago.

The excess heat, sun and dryness of the summer months caused the trees to conserve their energy by pulling moisture from the leaves.

We started seeing dry, crinkly leaves losing their green pigment already in the beginning of July! It has been a strange summer. 

The clashing of Fire and Water will mellow

The dramatic clashing of Fire and Water energies that strongly affected weather patterns all over the world this summer, with some places experiencing very unusual and severe heat waves, and other places, very unusual and severe flooding, will begin to mellow out in the coming three months. 

However, the relief will come to us looking like the extreme opposite of what we just experienced.

For example, those of us who faced a too hot and too dry summer, the patterns may flip so that the autumn brings excess Water.

Other areas who had excess rains and flooding this summer, might expect an atypically dry autumn.

This autumn will bring Heat/Damp problems internally

Either way, these strange autumn weather patterns will cause heat and dampness problems in many of us internally, the effects of which we may feel at least through late September.

Clinically, expect to see a rise in patients coming in complaining of GI problems, muscle and joint issues, and even depression.

For Qigong practitioners, please focus on forms that help you build up your Earth Qi.

Cultivation opportunities

I will continuing supporting our Qi friends’ cultivation practice by offering several workshops in the United States and Europe this autumn.

Please check my booking site for more details.

To register, please click the button at the bottom of this newsletter.



A brief look ahead:

November will find me teaching in Aberdeen and Findhorn, Scotland.

December will find me in New York, Pennsylvania and Virginia.

Harmonious Qi,

Master Wu


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