Autumnal Greetings 2016

Autumn 2016

One leaf knows it is autumn

Dear Qi-friends,

Autumnal greetings from the peaceful and calm Norrtälje bay (in sunny Sweden)!

In China, we have a famous proverb: YiYeZhiQiu 一葉知龝 , which means ‘one leaf knows it is autumn.’ This red leaf caught my eyes as I was strolling with my daughter in the nature reserve last week … it reminded me that my one month summer vacation (Swedish style) was drawing to an end and that I would be writing this newsletter soon.

Autumn Begins 7 August … 

Although autumn begins on August 7, 2016 and the Cold Water cosmological energy might bring some welcomed cooling for a brief spell (especially in those areas that have been experiencing an unusual heat wave), ShuHuoZhiQi 暑火之氣, or Hot Fire Qi, will be in full force before completely retreating around August 25th.

Expect to have some extremely hot days until then! This will especially hold true for those of you who have experienced an uncommonly hot summer these last couple of months.

HanShuiZhoQi 寒水之氣 – Cold Water Extreme

However, HanShuiZhoQi 寒水之氣, or Cold Water energy, will dominate the remainder of the fall season, with some areas experiencing atypical rainstorms, hail storms and/or snowstorms.

Cold Water Caution! 

This extreme Cold Water influence may cause some difficulties for those of you who have potential weakness in gastrointestinal function, any kind of joint problem, an over heavy body, poor hearing, and/or lower back pain. This harming influence will be strong from September 22nd through November 22nd.

Cold Water Prevention

To avoid the deleterious influence of Cold Water energy and maintain balance in your life, please center your diet around healthy foods and place more emphasis on eating foods with pungent flavors. Also, please keep up with your daily Qigong practice.

Drinking plantain tea everyday will have special health benefits for most of us during this coming autumn season.

2016 Teaching Schedule Update

In order to support our Qi-friends cultivation, we will continue to expand my teachings in the states and throughout Europe.

Two upcoming retreats full

We are excited that many cultivation friends from around the world will be joining us in our next two upcoming retreats:

1. Our two year GanZhi Advanced Daoist Arts Program, in which I will systematically teach the relationships of the GanZhi to Chinese cosmology, astrology, the Yijing, classical chinese medicine, and internal alchemy, is full. We will be welcoming a international group of students to study here in Sweden every 6 months for the next two years.

2. To commemorate the 15th year of the passing of one my most influential teachers, Grandmaster Yang RonJi 楊榮籍 , I will be sharing (for the first time) the first 12 movements of the HuaShan 24 form. For this training, we will be meeting in a retreat style setting in upstate, New York. Although registration for this event is full, you are welcome to join us for part 2, in October 2017.

Still time to join a weekend course!

There are still a few spaces left in several of my upcoming weekend events this fall (in New York city; in Stockholm, Sweden; in Strasbourg, France; and in Aberdeen, Scotland). If you would like to participate, please check out the teaching schedule on my website for details.

Looking Ahead to 2017

During our extended spring 2017 teaching trip to the Pacific Northwest area of the United States, I will offer several events to support our local Qi-friends in Portland, Oregon…

Fire Dragon Shamanic Martial Arts Form Retreat

For years, students have been asking me to teach them the Fire Dragon Shamanic Martial Arts Form. I have finally decided to offer training of this special form from the EMei Shamanic Lineage. In a five day retreat, we will learn and practice this powerful form, which is based on the Yijing Eight Trigrams Arrangement.

Dai XinYi Chopstick form

I will be continuing teaching the Dai XinYi Teacher Certification series. In the next session, held in February 2017, I will be teaching the XinYi Chopstick Form. Each workshop in this series is open to the general public, to students of all levels, and is offered independently, meaning you are welcome to join us for as many of these trainings as you like, in any order that fits your schedule.

2016/2017 Winter/Spring Highlights

Best wishes for a healthy and happy harvest season from Karin and I,

Master Wu


Happy Longevity Peach Day! … and happy summer :)

Santorini - October 13, 2014


9 April 2016

Dear Qi friends,

Happy Longevity Peach Day! Happy birthday to the Spirit of North! Happy birthday to Grandmaster Zhao!

Traditionally, Longevity Peach Day is the day when the Queen Mother of the West would invite all the immortals to KunLun Mountain in celebration. During the festivities, she offered Longevity Peaches … eating one Longevity Peach was known to bring 3,000 years of life!

Spirit of the North is XuanWu 玄武 – and is also the spirit of Water Element.  In Daoism, we believe XuanWu brings new life energy into the world and protects all beings.

Grandmaster Zhao ShouRong carries the lineage of the Dai Family style of XinYi (Heart Mind) internal alchemy and martial arts system. He was born on this special auspicious day, the third day of the third month in lunar calender.

Karin, Zenna, and I hope the spiritual energies of these two immortals (and Grandmaster Zhao) will bring happiness, health, and prosperity into your lives.

Good News!

I would like to share a couple of pieces of good news with you before I share more about the cosmological influences that will be influencing us all this summer.

  • The registration for our newly launched GanZhi Advanced Daoist Arts program is full! This two year course will be held in Sweden. If you would like to be added to the waitlist, please send us an email.

  • Session three of the Lifelong Training Program is also full! This session will meet at a beautiful lodge nestled in the base of Mt. Adams in southern Washington state (USA).  It will be great to spend a week cultivating with old Qi friends.

  • Our publisher, Singing Dragon, is offering a free online Qigong festivalon April 21-22, 2016. Please check out the link – there will be a lot of interesting information available! For this event, I have donated one of my most popular previously published articles, The Pure Yang Mudra part I.

  • My wife Karin is busy writing the GanZhi BaZi Workbook! This book will provide essential and practical information on Chinese astrology … including the secret method (never before published) of how to calculate the astrology chart without a Chinese calendar book or a questionably accurate GanZhi app. Our goal is for the book to be available during the 2016 winter holiday season.

Summer Greetings

You may be wondering why I am sending you all this summer seasonal newsletter almost one month ahead of schedule. The answer is twofold:

Teaching trip in the Pacific Northwest

First, we will be leaving Sweden on Monday for a long teaching trip in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. We will have an entire month of back to back teachings scheduled, which will prevent me from doing any writing!

Third month of Spring – the Dragon month

Secondly, the third month of spring this season has unusual energetic pattern – one that differs from the general spring pattern I wrote about in my last newsletter. As such, I would like to give you a specific guidance about the upcoming Dragon month:

RenChen 壬辰 (Yang Water Dragon)

Even though many friends who are living in the northern hemisphere have enjoyed some nice warm spring energy, this month, RenChen 壬辰 (Yang Water Dragon), will carry in some Cold Water energy. Some friends may have already experienced snow storms during the last couple of days.

Please still follow my previous recommendations for the spring Qigong practice during this Dragon month.  However, please do not continue eating the cooling foods I mentioned in my Spring 2016 newsletter. Until 5 May make sure to consume food and drink with warming energy, such as ginger tea and adding cinnamon spice to your warming foods (like lamb stew).

Feeling Hot, Hot, Hot!

From the Daoist cosmological perspective, the starting point of the summer season falls on May 5th this year. The energy of Mars will definitely dominate the summer – the power of Fire will be in full effect! I predict that many of us will experience an extremely hot summer, especially during the period of May 20 – July 20. This heat wave could last all the way through to the first month of autumn (until September 7th) in some areas.

Supporting patients through the heat

Clinically, practitioners will see that many of their clients will present with problems relating to heat disease, such as poor hearing, nose bleeds, cough, abscess, skin sores, red eyes, thyroid hyperplasia, sore throat, and even sudden death.

Starting on May 5th, please guide your patients to consume foods and drinks that are cooling in nature.

As I mentioned in my last letter, drinking high quality green tea will be a good choice to help disperse the heat this summer. I recently got some fabulous green tea shipped to me from my friends in China – the first harvest of the year! 🙂

Those of you who are tea aficionados may be able to notice the high quality nature of this tea and even its powerful Qi in the photo down below.

Cultivating with the heat

As always, the best way to maintain your balance throughout all the changes life brings is to continue your daily Qigong practice.

The Monkey Internal Alchemy Meditation practice I have shared before (from my book, XinYi WuDao) is still a powerful choice to help you balance your energy.

Regardless of your specific cultivation practice, please remember this advice:

The enlightened being cultivates while facing brightness

Wishing Peaceful Qi to you and your families from the three of us,

Master Wu

Cultivation yields transformation – come join us!

In order to support our Qi-friends inner transformation process, I am expanding my 2016 teachings. Below please find an overview of upcoming training opportunities. Please click the event name for details.

Happy New Year!

29 January 2014
Dear Qi-friends,
Blue sky greetings from a bright, snow covered island in Stockholm’s archipelago! Karin and I have been taking advantage of an unseasonably warm winter (as I predicted in last year’s Water Snake letter) and enjoying a simple and tranquil country life. Along with our inner cultivation practice, we take time every day for our writing and hiking on the human-less trail.   We are getting ready for our Chinese New Year celebration in Stockholm this Friday.

Please join us!
Chinese New Year Celebration on January 31, from 18:30-21:30

We are excited to host a ChaDao QinDao (Dao of Tea and Qin) evening event at Hälsans Hus on Södermalm for the New Year.  We will have a tea ceremony featuring some of our favorite Chinese teas and I will perform some traditional music pieces on my GuQin, the ancient Chinese zither commonly known as ‘instrument of the sages’. I am also offering a calligraphy demonstration and will speak a little about the symbolic meaning of the coming year of the Wood Horse.  We have had postcards featuring my calligraphy printed up for all of our guests as a New Years gift. We will offer you a spiritual cup of tea during our celebration if you will not be able to join us on New Years Day – this Friday, January 31 from 18:30-21:30!

JiaWu 甲午 Begins Soon

The Chinese New Year falls on the second new moon after Winter solstice each year.  The next animal sign begins on LiChun 立春, the beginning of spring. LiChun is one of the 24 15-day segments in the annual cycle.  According to WanNianLi 萬年曆, the Chinese Ten-Thousand Year Calender, spring season will begin on February 4, 2014. The coming of spring correlates with the start of a new animal sign – JiaWu, the Year of Yang Wood Horse begins soon.

JiaWu Cosmology

The Heavenly Stem Jia 甲 represents Yang Wood and the Earthly Branch Wu 午 represents Fire and carries the Horse as its spiritual animal.  According to Chinese cosmology, I expect that the climatic pattern will be influenced by excess Earth energy, which means that it will more damp than it has been the last several years. I also expect that this spring will be cold. In places that have had unseasonably warm winters so far, like Sweden and Alaska, we can expect heavy snow or ice storms in late March and early April.

JiaWu and your Health

Also, during March and April, the flu season will affect many this year.  These cosmological energies will cause some trouble for people who do not have strong digestive system function.  As I always emphasis, keeping a daily Qigong practice is a great way to strengthen your digestive function and your immune health. Regardless of your personal susceptibilities, your daily cultivation practice will help you maintain balance and well being. Also, the daikon salad recipe that I shared with you in my previous seasonal letter will be still good for you in this spring season.I will go into detail about how these cosmological influences will effect us during the different seasons in my future greeting letters.

Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches:
Book Release and Teacher Certification Program!

Karin and I are excited that our new full color book, The Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches (TianGan DiZhi): The Heart of Chinese Wisdom Traditions, is being published by Singing Dragon and is expected to be released in April 2014.  We have already begun accepting pre-orders!  You are welcome to pre-order your copy directly from my website.We are happy to announce that we are launching a Stems and Branches teacher certification program, which will focus on the clinical applications of the Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches in Chinese medicine practice. Please email if you wish to added to the waiting list.  We will offer two separate branches of this training program – one in Europe and one in the US.

Celebrating Dai Family XinYi
Grandmaster Zhao’s 80th Birthday

Karin and I are busy planning our upcoming China trip.  We are bringing a group of our students to join us for a 10-day training with Grandmaster Zhao ShouRong 趙守榮, 6th generation Dai Family XinYi 心意 internal martial arts lineage holder, in his hometown of TaiGu, China.   We are excited to bring old and new students together to train with Grandmaster Zhao and to attend his 80th birthday celebration. As a special birthday gift for him, I will present him with my newest book, XinYi WuDao: The Dao of Martial Arts.  Each student on the trip will also receive a gift copy of my new XinYi book. There are a limited number of spaces available and you are welcomed to join us – please email if you are interested.For those who can’t join us in China, we will be offering Dai family XinYi internal alchemy and martial arts trainings in Spain, the US, and Germany in the coming months.  You can check my website’s teaching schedule for details.

Coming Events

The first European life long training program, level 1 will be held on a picturesque island off the west coast of Sweden in August 2014. Registration is filling up quickly!  If you would like to join us, please make sure you email to check availability.In May, we are offering our life long training program, levels 1 and 2 in the majestic Pacific Northwest (USA).  There are still a few spaces available.  Several students are traveling far enough to join us that they have decided to take both levels 1 and 2 back-to-back. If you are interested in joining us for one (or both) of these intensive training programs, please let me know!During our trip to the US in May and June, we will be holding several weekend workshops and shorter classes in Portland, Oregon.  If you are interested in joining us, you are welcomed to check my website for details.

Free shipping!
Pre-order our new Qi-store items

We have three new items available for sale through our Qi Store: Cosmic Orbit Qigong DVD, Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches book and XinYi WuDao book.Through February 28, we are offering free shipping for all pre-orders (US and international) of our new Cosmic Orbit Qigong DVD and on all US orders of  both our new books: Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches and XinYi WuDao.

Harmonious Qi from Karin and I,

Master Wu


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