Pre-Peri-Post Natal Care

Pregnant women are arguably the most important people on Earth.  At Blue Willow, we love offering support and guidance to pregnant women and their families.  From pre-conception to post-partum care, we offer natural, wholistic recommendations to mothers ushering forth new life.

Services include:

  • Couples preconception counseling … cleanse your vessel before loaning it out to another
  • Couples fertility enhancement … individualized recommendations for dietary and lifestyle changes, internal cultivation techniques and natural medicines to enhance your fertility
  • Mothering the mother, mothering the child … mothering your child begins long before your bundle of joy leaves the mysteries of the watery womb!
  • Childbirth support … we will work in conjunction with you, your family, and your midwife and/or obstetrician during all stages of your labor and delivery, advocating for your needs and helping you make confident and empowered decisions for your care
  • ‘Sitting in the Moon’ support … guide to special care for mom and baby during the first 28 days post-partum

Please note: All pre-peri and post-natal support programs are intended to enrich and supplement the excellent care provided to you by your licensed, trusted, child-birth specialist.

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